My name is Michael Levy and I am from New Jersey. Now I live in NYC and work at Allergan. I went to school in Providence, RI at Johnson & Wales University.

How did you get started?

I started around 2003 and at that time I became a huge fan of the TV Show, Charmed. However none of my friends watched it, nor had the interest. I then stumbled across this site, Charmed: The Prophecy, which was an online community with many fans of the show. I was hooked! I started talking to one person in particular and she introduced me to the whole creative scene. This got me into the world of computer graphics and at the time I used Jasc Paint Shop Pro and an old version of Adobe Photoshop.

On the same community I befriended another person and he owned his own website. I never knew someone who owned a website; I was very intrigued. I then got into free web hosting websites, like Geocities, Angelfire, etc., but I wanted to learn more. He then introduced me to the person that hosted his website. She taught me some of the basics and the rest is history. My skills in web and graphic design advanced through time as I began learning other languages (CSS, XHTML, PHP, MySQL, etc).

Besides being a complete nerd I enjoy going to the gym, hiking, hanging out with my friends, playing with my dog Sophie and etc... 😄